You asked for more…

You asked for more…

Nicola Bernardi in an award winning freelance portrait photographer from Italy.

His work ranges from commercial to editorial, especially focusing on portraying artists of all trades of life. 

He graduated in Oriental Languages in Venice in 2010 and moved to Japan, where he accidentally stumbled upon photography and his life changed forever. While living in Sapporo, Japan, he taught himself photography due to his newfound obsession and started working in the industry. Initially working with a well known wedding studio (Pride Photo) for 6 months, and then straight away taking the freelance route working with commercial publications in Sapporo. In 2012, he returned to Italy and moved to Rome, where for the following 2 years, he assisted world- famous photographer Eolo Perfido and continued his freelance career. 

In 2014, he embarked on the unCOMMON:Wheels project, with italian comic artist and youtuber Sio (Simone Albrigi).

For this project, the two cycled the length of Japan over the span of 79 days, supported by companies like Specialized Bicycles, Fujifilm and Squarespace. The 4072 km journey was shared weekly on youtube and the content created is sitting at over 8 million views today. 

The project took the ultimate form of a book (or rather, a “trook”) initially through a Kickstarter campaign and later on it was published under the editor Shockdom.

In June 2014, he worked as world famous photographer Steve McCurry’s first assistant and lighting specialist on assignment in Ethiopia, on the production for the 2015 Lavazza Calendar. In July 2014, he moved to Melbourne, Australia, to take the next steps in his freelance career. 

Over the span of three years, he worked with clients such as L’Oreal, Melbourne Comedy Festival, and AirBnb on many commercial campaigns and with countless publications on editorial photoshoots. In 2015, was a finalist in Australia’s most prestigious photography festival, Head on Photo Festival, with his photos being exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney, Mumbai and Brooklyn (NYC).

He was also a finalists in “Australia’s Top Emerging Photographer” index by Capture Magazine.

In December 2015 he had his first solo exhibition in Casale Monferrato, Italy, called “Humans”

In 2016 his second solo exhibition in Melbourne for “Project 24”, from the homonymous project he shot in 2015, where he set off to shoot 24 photoshoots with 24 different people in 24 hours non stop. 

In 2017, he was again a finalist at Head On Photo Festival in the portrait category, and won 3rd place in the Mobile category, having is work exhibited during the festival in different shows. 

In July 2017 he embarked in a project called unCOMMON:Arctic along Simone Albrigi and Lorenzo Civolari. The 1799 km bike journey saw the three explore the Artic Circle: the archipelagos os Svalbard, Iceland and Greenland, supported by companies like Cinelli, Comix and Wacom. 

In October 2017, he was invited to Palermo by the Contemporary Art Gallery “Giuseppe Veniero Project” to develop a photographic project in the city for an artistic residency. His project “Giganti Silenziosi” had a solo exhibition at the end of the month.

In October 2017 he became a Wacom Ambassador and went on to promote the project and teach workshops in Italy, including being official guest for the Lucca Comics and Games Festival 2017, the country’s biggest comic convention, where the works from the project were exhibited in an official show throughout the festival. 

Throughout 2018 he continued working as a freelance photographer between Italy and Australia. 

In May 2019, his latest book "Storiemigranti" was published by Italy's biggest book editor, Feltrinelli. The book revolves around telling stories of asylum seekers in Italy's refugee camps, through photographic portraits and comics drawn by comic artist SIO. The book saw the two authors tour all of the country for presentations in various events and literature festival in the months of May and July 2019. 

As of July 2019, Nicola is based in Melbourne again. 

Selected online italian press: 2019/2019/05/06/news/salone_del_libro_sio_storie_bruttissime_raccontate_benissimo- 225551765/ 

Selected online foreign press: revealed duckgoing /#/ / /winners-announced 


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