In my work, color plays a ridiculously important role: i’m a sucker for bright bold colors, vividness, saturation. It’s how I see the world.

With the [White] series, I wanted to challenge myself and work on a portrait series where there would be no color, but without it being black and white. By shooting someone painted in white on a white background, I sought pure shapes, depth and emotion without creating an image that blinds you with color, like I usually do. 

The make up and body painting obviously played a key role in this and I teamed up with Ollie Savage, the best make up artist I have ever worked with.

We work together as much as we can and I'm honored to be able to call her a friend. 

I wanted the subject to be striking, out of this world, to make the viewer skip a beat.


Models : Sarah Saw and Dylan Peck