2014 : a year in review.

I looked everywhere to find the perfect word to singlehandedly describe this last year. 

I found one : intense. 

2014 was indeed a very intense year for me. 

Very high ups, very low downs. Divided among 3 continents, 5 time zones and way more seasons that one would normally experience. Over 6000 km on a bicycle, an average of 3 hours of walking a day and countless long hours sitting on my bum. 

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Fujifilm X100s review : from Roma with love

I finally had the chance to lay my hulking hands on the beautiful Fujifilm X100s, the camera over which I have been drooling night and day for the last year or so. The camera that I always wanted but couldn't absolutely afford (25 years old freelance photographer here, remember?). The camera that one of my favorite photographers of all times, Zack Arias, described as the "DSLR killer". 

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