Not everything has to be a project.

Over the weekend, at Studio Brunswick (the creative studio in which I’ve been one of the resident artists in since June 2016) we decided to partake in a wonderful event called “Brunswick Studio Walk”. Brunswick is a particularly warehouse-studios-dense area of Melbourne and once a year, said studios open their doors to the public for a day, and trow exhibitions of the residents’ works.

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Fujifilm X100T review : Your best friend with a lens.

Hey T, 

I hope you had a safe flight back home. 

I’m so glad we were finally able to spend a couple of months here in Melbourne together! There were so many places I wanted to show you, so many people I wanted you to meet. 

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Nico went to Sydney : a short story about being stupid.

When I received the email from Head On confirming me I was a finalist, I was happy beyond control. As I usually do, I started jumping around, being stupidly loud for no real reason and, most especially, I completely lost the ability to stand still for the next few hours. Yup, I’m just like a big baby. 

For the following weeks I tried AS HARD AS I COULD not to create any expectations but hey, remember? Big baby.

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2014 : a year in review.

I looked everywhere to find the perfect word to singlehandedly describe this last year. 

I found one : intense. 

2014 was indeed a very intense year for me. 

Very high ups, very low downs. Divided among 3 continents, 5 time zones and way more seasons that one would normally experience. Over 6000 km on a bicycle, an average of 3 hours of walking a day and countless long hours sitting on my bum. 

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