The 100 Strangers project is something I hold dearly. I started it in 2012 as a way to crush my overwhelming fear of approaching strangers for portraits and I never imagined how it would have turned my career. 

What started as a simple exercise, evolved into being my way to feel re-connected with the people around myself, in any time. 

For that reason, I gave myself two strict rules to follow when shooting this project : 

- I can only choose one portrait per full day spent shooting nothing but portraits of strangers 

- I can only photograph complete strangers : people I've never met before, spoken to before, interacted with before. 

The project started in 2012 in Japan, continued in 2013 and 2014 in Rome and is still ongoing now in Melbourne. 

With 1800+ portraits shot, but only 33 chosen for the project, it's still today my way to try and give a face to all of humanity.